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lib_potion_tracking is a mcfunction library that allows other datapacks to track thrown splash or lingering potions. This can be used to create custom splash/lingering potion events.

How to Use

There are 2 function tags to be used: one to initially tag the potion to be tracked, and another which activates when the tracked potion lands.

Marking the Potion to be Tracked

The function tag #gm4_potion_tracking:tag_potion is used to tag potions. This function tag runs every tick as @e[type=potion,tag=!gm4_potion_tracking_checked] (all potions are tagged with gm4_potion_tracking_checked, so each potion is only checked once). Modules should add the tag gm4_potion to allow the library to track the potion.

The entire entity data of the potion is stored in data storage under the namespace gm4_potion_tracking:temp entity_data. This storage can be used to verify the potion, but directly tagging the entity using a conditional @s is usually more efficient:

tag @s[tag=!gm4_potion,nbt={<REQUIRED_NBT>}] add gm4_potion
  • Note that tag=!gm4_potion should be used before checking NBT, since multiple modules will be calling this function tag, thus checking for the tag first will prevent extra unnecessary nbt checks

When the potion is tracked, a marker entity with the tag gm4_potion_tracker will be linked to the potion. The entire NBT data of the potion when it was thrown will be stored in the marker entity under the NBT {data:{gm4_potion:{<Potion Entity NBT>}}}.

Tagging Example

The follow function will tag all invisibility splash/lingering potions for tracking:

tag @s[tag=!gm4_potion,nbt={Item:{components:{"minecraft:potion_contents":{potion:"minecraft:invisibility"}}}}] add gm4_potion
tag @s[tag=!gm4_potion,nbt={Item:{components:{"minecraft:potion_contents":{potion:"minecraft:long_invisibility"}}}}] add gm4_potion
tag @s[tag=!gm4_potion,nbt={Item:{components:{"minecraft:potion_contents":{custom_effects:[{id:"minecraft:invisibility"}]}}}}] add gm4_potion

So if the potion was a splash potion of invisibility, the summoned marker will have the following nbt: {data:{gm4_potion:{Item:{id:"minecraft:splash_potion",count:1,components:{"minecraft:potion_contents":{potion:"minecraft:invisibility"}}}}}}

Executing When the Potion Lands

A function tag under the namespace #gm4_potion_tracking:potion_landed can be used to execute commands when the potion lands. This runs as @e[type=marker,tag=gm4_potion_tracker] at @s.

When the potion lands, data storage under the namespace gm4_potion_tracking:temp entity_data is set to the original potion's entity nbt (set from the marker's entity NBT {data:{gm4_potion:{<This data is copied over>}}}).

The storage should be used to verify if the potion matches the module's custom potion. The marker's entity nbt is available (This is @s in the context of the function tag), but storage look up is more efficient in almost all cases.

Landing Example

The following function will catch when invisibility potions hit something:

execute if data storage gm4_potion_tracking:temp entity_data.Item.components."minecraft:potion_contents"{potion:"minecraft:invisibility"} run function ...
execute if data storage gm4_potion_tracking:temp entity_data.Item.components."minecraft:potion_contents"{potion:"minecraft:long_invisibility"} run function ...
execute if data storage gm4_potion_tracking:temp entity_data.Item.components."minecraft:potion_contents"{custom_effects:[{id:"minecraft:invisibility"}]} run function ...


This library, and the contents of the lib_potion_tracking directory on the github repository, is licensed under the MIT License.


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