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New in Town is a multi-stage, story-driven, settler's experience Data Pack for Minecraft version 1.19. You are tasked with founding, building up, and defending a modular settlement from the forces of the Nether, then taking the fight to them as you construct your own Nether Fortress! It is partially inspired by the long-discontinued Tale of Kingdoms mod, and seeks to recreate and expand on the town-building gameplay it popularized.

Starting from humble beginnings -- a settler's wagon -- employ the help of your Town Planner's expertise to build new settlement sites, from Mines and Lumber Mills to the Wizard Tower and Bard's College. As your town grows, invaders from the Nether will emerge nearby, seeking to destroy you. Their attacks will grow more fierce, eventually culminating in the appearance of the Tyrant himself, a mighty Wither!

New in Town features the following:

> Multiplayer compatibility; each player can found their own town or work as a group
> A natural progression system that doesn't detract from normal Minecraft gameplay
> Fully modular town, fortress, and city construction and layout, from what you build, where you build it, and in what order
> Hours of side content in the form of quests, random events, and research tasks
> More than 100 structures spread across three dimensions
> Progressively more challenging attacks from the Nether
> Randomly generated natural features to explore, from a floating island to an ancient drill
> Taxes, resource gathering, and interaction with your villagers' economy
> Advancements to provide interesting goals as well as story beats
> Room to grow; more structures, natural features, and story beats may be added in the future
> And more!

We have a Discord!

Our growing community now has a Discord server, where you are free to discuss with other New in Town players about all things Minecraft, report bugs, and share suggestions for the future of the settler's experience! Come take a look!

What to expect when you download New in Town:

  1. The Data Pack Zip File includes a Readme with helpful instructions for installing the data pack, as well as a strategy guide to help you get started and explain various time-and-progression mechanics, like Nether attacks.
  2. When you load your world with New in Town installed successfully, you'll receive the Town Charter when you collect a Log. (Any log can get you a Town Charter, but Oak Logs are the only type that will work for building town structures.) Click the text in that book, and your Wagon will generate around you.
  3. IMPORTANT: It is not recommended that you start your settlement near a large body of water, and especially not in the middle of an ocean. This can cause naturally generating features to generate very near or overwriting your Wagon, or not generate at all, as well as cause Nether attacks to destroy parts of your Wagon or town. You will receive a warning prompt if New in Town detects this as a risk.

You and your friends can work together or found your own, independent towns. Every player starts with a different colored wagon, uniquely tied to their player ID!

As you expand your town, forces of the Nether will emerge nearby, serving the Tyrant, a mighty Wither!

Build up a town that works for you as you work for it, hiring villagers in Lumber Mills and Fisheries, and building Adventure Guilds and Railway Stations!

Build a castle for your kingdom, starting by laying out the castle's frames, then upgrading each wing independently!

New in Town's progression fits in seamlessly with standard Minecraft gameplay. As you develop yourself, expand your town with powerful Wizard's Towers and Haunted Mansions!

Explore the world around your town to find non-biome-dependent structures, each with a unique puzzle or task to obtain a secret artifact used for some town buildings!

Launch a Counteroffensive against the Tyrant, taking the fight to them by building your own Nether Fortress!

Defend the End from the Tyrant's Invasion in an epic four-stage battle!

Build an End City for the grateful Enderman refugees, filled with expensive end-game structures like the infinite Lava Chamber, the Golden Carrot Farm, and the Hall of Heroes!

Uninstallation Instructions:

Before removing New in Town from your world, use "/function nitk:uninstall" to clean up excess entities. The villagers in towns, fortresses, and end cities, as well as the structures themselves, will remain, but all other features of New in Town will not work. The villagers will remain persistent, but players will become able to kill them if they choose. You will need to perform this action at all areas where New in Town features exist, including in each dimension, as New in Town does not forceload these areas.


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