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Sainne's Midcore

A 'mid' minecraft datapack about limited lives, max health and being a mid-point of Survival and Hardcore.


All of these are configurable ingame.

Limited lives(default: 10)

You have a limited amount of lives when starting the game, making death more of a danger than in normal survival minecraft, but not as punishing as Hardcore would be.

Max Hp represent lives(default:1(True))

Your maximum health represents the amount of lives you have left.

Totem failure chance(default:5)

The totem will fail in saving its user by this configurable chance, 0 makes it so it always saves the user, anything over 100 makes it esentially useless.

Totem saves from void(default:1(True))

The totem will save a player from void if successful.

Random tips

  • The experience could be better paired with gamerule keepInventory true
  • For an even harder experience you can use gamerule naturalRegeneration false
  • Totems will be a must have.

Recommended Scenarios

Different scenarios for quick configuration and play.

Planned Scenarios
3 strikes... You're out!
  • 3 lives
  • Max health does not sync with lives
  • 1 life
  • Max health syncs with lives
Im the danger!
  • 30 lives
  • Max health sync with lives
That's just UHC
  • No regeneration
  • 1 life
  • Max health does not sync with lives
  • No regeneration
  • 10 lives
  • Max health syncs with lives

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