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Alternitive Combat

A datapack adding some new weapons to spice up combat in Minecraft.

Currently Adds:

  1. Sickles: linear cooldown only triggering on hit instead of on swing
  2. Hammers: axe-like variant to sickles
  3. Scythes: Damage Decay system- damage decrease slightly on hit and recharges over time
  4. Maces: axe-like variant to Scythes
  5. Katanas: Combo damage system- damage starts out low, but increases with each successive hit
  6. Knives: Like weaker swords, but can be thrown with right click
  7. Arc Stars: A stick grenade that explodes after a short delay, breaking blocks and slowing nearby entities
  8. Spears: No cooldown

Credit to Jachro for way better item textures than I can make. Here's his fiverr if you're interested.


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