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Cocoon's Bosses Datapack

List of Bosses Added:

  1. Frostologer
  2. Frostologer
  3. Frostologer



Heart of the Snow

Rare drop from snow golems. 1% drop chance + 1% per looting level.



For best effect, summon this boss in the middle of a 50x10x50 flat platform with no holes or obstacles.

Place an emerald block on the ground, surround the 4 sides with snow blocks, and fill the corners with blue ice. Then, throw a Totem of Undying, and right click the emerald block with a Heart of the Snow

When killed drop snowballs because I'm too lazy to make some proper loot drops.

Note: This boss will destroy the terrain around it. Also occasionally it seems to dug itself into holes which will be fixed soon(tm).


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