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Wool Elevator is a simple datapack which allows players to create vertical elevators using endstone and wool. Simply placing the wools vertically with an endstone below the bottomomst wool will result in a functioning elevator that can be traversed by jumping or crouching to move up or down respectively.

How to Make an Elevator

Making an elevator is simple. Simply place any number of wool blocks on the same x and z coordinates at different heights with the bottom-most wool block having an end stone block beneath it. Then crouch or jump to go up or down the elevator respectively. If you are in any way confused see the image below for an example:

Example of an elevator

Any color wool block can be used to make an elevator. No matter the color it will not create separate elevators, AKA if you have orange wool above white wool jumping on the bottom while wool will still take you to the above orange wool.

Modifying Elevator Blocks

If you are using this data pack and would like to change which blocks can be turned into elevators then you are in luck! Simply find this file in the data pack and add whatever blocks you would like to work as elevators to the block tag.


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