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This data-pack adds 10 brand new dungeons that should improve vanilla immersion and keep the feeling of the old vanilla style dungeon boxes! Each dungeon type spawns within certain biomes and has a unique spawner which allows for strategic structure exploration.


Once the data-pack is installed you can verify it's working by clicking on the installed data-packs button or running /data-pack list and checking if it's in the list

Dungeon Types

Mouldy Dungeon: This is your standard zombie spawner dungeon. It can be found in plains biomes and savanna's

Infested Dungeon: This mountain dungeon has been overtaken by an infestation! make sure you watch your step!

Webbed Dungeon: Found within minecraft's wooded forests, this dungeon could almost be mistaken for a small fortress.

Lush Dungeon: The lush jungles & caves provide a nice home for these cave spiders. Be careful however as the dungeon is very small & cramped.

Deepwater Dungeon: These are usually found below the depths of the ocean and in dripstone caves.

Cold Dungeon: The cold of the tiaga is not enough to stop these bone breakers. Makes me wonder if skeletons can even feel temperature in the first place?

Frozen Dungeon: Wet and cold, this dungeon brings with it a formidable stench from all of the strays.

Dusty Tomb: Mostly dry and sandy. The husk here are not very welcoming.

Scorched Tomb: Deep in the badlands these will be found. Dungeons full of zombies and loot for those who do a little searching!

Witch Shack: Well whatever shack was there seems to be in disrepair.

Dungeons+ Loot

This data-pack uses vanilla loot tables! This makes it compatible with any other loot-table changing datapack.

Terragen datapack Compatability

  • Terralith
  • All datapacks that change The End & Nether (not The Overworld)


You can remove this data-pack from your world at any point to stop any new structures from being generated in new chunks! Any previous structures in chunks you have generated will remain as is and function normally as if the data-pack were installed!


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