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lib_forceload is a mcfunction library adding a forceloaded chunk with common utlities. Available utilities are:

  • yellow-shulker-box for inventory manipulations
  • sign for text resolution
  • jukebox for single item storage
  • repeating command block for sub-tick execution
  • armor-stand for tool-based loot table context

How to Use

This library forceloads the chunk 29999999 7134, which lies beyond the maximum world size, in every dimension - including custom defined dimensions. Each dimension initializes its forceloaded chunk when a player first logs into that dimension.

Yellow Shulker Box

Every dimension gets a yellow_shulker_box placed at 29999998 1 7134 for use with inventory manipulations. This library follows the "yellow-shulker-box" convention, including the standard loot table.


# move item from shulker box to output barrel
loot insert ~ ~ ~ mine 29999998 1 7134 air{drop_contents:1b}

Birch Sign

Every dimension gets a birch_wall_sign placed at 29999998 1 7133. This can be used to resolve json text components and retrieve the resulting string.


data modify block 29999998 1 7133 front_text.messages[0] set value '[{"text": "killed by "},{"storage":"my_storage:register", "nbt":""}]'
data modify entity @s CustomName set from block ~ ~ ~ front_text.messages[0]


Every dimension gets a jukebox placed at 29999998 1 7132. The item contained within can be used for whatever the developer wishes.

Unique Dimension ID

In each dimension, a marker entity with the tag gm4_dimension is summoned. This marker has a unique scoreboard value stored in the objective gm4_dimension, and a name matching the dimension's string ID.

This score can be used to dynamically store a dimension on an item, such as for a recall ability, or for your datapack to support an arbitrary number of dimensions, added by other datapacks.

Repeating Command Block

The overworld dimension has a repeating command block running the function tag #gm4_forceload:command_block_tick. Adding functions to this tag lets their contents to be run at a different subtick than ordinary functions. This is commonly used to intercept item drops before a player has the change to pick them up, but may be used to properly time other datapack code.

Armor Stand

The overworld dimension has a armor stand with the static uuid 344d47-4-4-4-f04ce104d. This can be used with loot tables that utilize the match_tool predicate which require an entity with a mainhand slot.


This library, and the contents of the lib_forceload directory on the github repository, is licensed under the MIT License.


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