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GM4 Logo Bat Grenades by Gamemode 4

Tired of the uselessness of bats? Need something to spice up your caving adventures? This modular datapack kills those two birds, er bats, with one stone, and turns bats into tiny furry flying balls of boom!


  • Bats that fly within 7 blocks of a player squeak a warning, and explode if they get within 3 blocks of the player.
  • Bats explode with about 1/3 the strength of a creeper, easily survivable except on low health.
  • Adds a custom advancement obtainable for that unlucky soul who dies via bat.
  • Bats, if you manage to kill them, drop a few pieces of gunpowder.

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Gamemode 4 is a series of command-powered creations that are designed to change and enhance the survival experience. All of our modules are designed to work together flawlessly, and are balanced for usage in a survival setting. Pick and choose your favorites from our website, or wherever you get datapacks.


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