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GM4 Logo Desire Lines by Gamemode 4

Ever felt like minecraft could do with a bit more immersion? This modular datapack adds a new cool interaction to your survival world in the form of self generating paths! When you walk between two places enough, a desire line will form transforming your grass into coarse dirt all on its own!

A natural desire line


  • When grass or dirt is stepped on it has a chance of turning into dirt or coarse dirt respectively.
  • Flowers, grass and other plants will be trampled and break if walked on enough.
  • Adds two new custom advancements to be obtained by trampling enough blocks.


When playing with other Gamemode 4 datapacks, adds some bonus features:

  • Adds the Celaro shamir when used with the Metallurgy datapack.
  • Use the Boots of Ostara module to spread nature instead of trampling it.

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Gamemode 4 is a series of command-powered creations that are designed to change and enhance the survival experience. All of our modules are designed to work together flawlessly, and are balanced for usage in a survival setting. Pick and choose your favorites from our website, or wherever you get datapacks.


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