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Cocoon's Trinkets

A datapack that adds various small items to Minecraft



Light Wand

  • Place down a light at where you are looking at
  • Right click to use, shift right click to cycle through light levels
  • Each light created takes 1 glowstone block, regardless of light level

Recipe for Light Wand


  • A proxy for the buckets in your inventory
  • Right click to suck/place lava/water (as well as cauldrons)
  • Shift right click prioritizes lava when placing/sucking
  • Sucking is always prioritized before placing, if possible

Recipe for Hose

Unstable Breath Bottle

  • Right click to create a dragon's breath cloud at your position

Recipe for Unstable Breath Bottle

Creeper Wand

  • Right click to make a creeper's hissing noise

Recipe for Creeper Wand

Amulet of Sun

  • Right click to turn night into day, rain into sun. The amulet will be consumed.
  • Shift Right Click: Store the current weather

Recipe for Amulet of Sun

Amulet of Rain / Amulet of Storm

  • Right click to make it rain or storm. The amulet will be consumed.

Recipe for Amulet of Rain/Storm

Bubble Wand

  • Right click most waterlogged blocks to put bubbles into them
  • If under that block is downward bubble column, the bubbles will drag mobs down.
  • Otherwise, mobs will be pushed up.
  • If used on waterlogged copper grates, items will float/sink through the block.

Recipe for Bubble Wand

TNT Launcher

  • Right click 4 times with at least 2 TNT in your offhand to load it.
  • Once loaded, right click to shoot.

Recipe for TNT Launcher


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