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WorldTool is a powerful vanilla alternative to world editing software. Easily modify large areas, copy, move, and rotate blocks, and generate 3D shapes. WorldTool supports all Minecraft versions 1.17 and up and has undo and redo support, making editing hassle-free. All blocks are supported, including modded ones. WorldTool's functionality can be fully automated with commands, and it can even be used as a library.

  • Easy to use, chat-based UI
  • No resource pack required
  • Supports all Minecraft versions 1.17 and up
  • Has support for multiple languages (currently only English is available)
  • Allows for custom WorldTool plugins
  • Has undo and redo support
  • Works with all blocks, including modded ones
  • Complete guides and documentation

How to Use

When the data pack has been installed, make sure you either have cheats enabled (singleplayer) or are an operator (multiplayer). Then, give yourself the tools by typing /function worldtool:give.

For more info, consult the full documentation:

There is also a youtube video that can help introduce you to WorldTool.

Some plugins to check out:


Report any bugs you find, and get the latest experimental versions from GitHub (note that these versions are not documented and may not function correctly).

If you would like to help translating WorldTool, you can do so on Crowdin.

If you have any more questions, feel free to join the Discord server.


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