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Block Utils

A Minecraft Datapack adding a small collection of utilities for handeling some block interactions. Currently handles:

  • Getting a block's redstone powered state


These are scoreboard objectives used to represent a value of some kind.
  Used for math and passing variables between functions.

Function Calls

Function calls are called by you to trigger certian events or features.

function block_utils:v1/api/is_active
  Call on a block to check if it is powered by redstone.
    #out 0 for not powered, 1 for powered

How to use

  1. Install LanternLoad in your datapack, following its install directions
  2. Copy the BlockUtils/data/block_utils folder into your data pack
  3. Merge the file contents of BlockUtils/data/load/tags/functions/* into the files at <your_datapack>/data/load/tags/functions/*
  4. Implement the API as described above.

For easier mangament of dependencies, check out my project Datapack Build Manager.


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